Is it ever to late??

Here were a large group of people every day pinning onto a wall those things that they wished for.

There would be many that would see that as a fruitless exercise. A total and complete waste of time.

I witnessed the interaction between a variety of people who had beliefs about how valid this  sort of activity was. Some were total believers and others were total skeptics and a collection of others in between.

I was watching a movie called “Letters to Juliet”.

In the process of collecting the messages that had been placed there one day, a message was found that had been hidden for over 40 years.

The content of the letter was of a young ladies profession of love for the person she was leaving behind.

The finder chose to respond to the letter writer, suggesting that she should return and search for that lost relationship.

She arrives with her grandson who is the ultimate skeptic and begins the search. (with him constantly suggesting that they return home and stop this stupid journey).

The search is fun but when all avenues seemed to be exhausted they take one last turn and find the person she was searching for. Both had been married now both had lost their partners and fell in love again once they saw each other. They ended up getting married at the vineyard that he and his family ran.

She had postponed following her heart for all that time and yet once encouraged she took up the journey again and against all odds she found her dream.

How many times have I been tempted to give up when something did not seem to be working. Just last week I was tempted to toss it all in because there were so things that I wanted to achieve that were just proving “impossible” to do.

Fortunately for me I have learned that just because one door had just shut, that didn’t mean it was the end.

So I chose to say what I had heard somewhere in the past,  “Interesting Evolutionary Experience”, “Where too now”.

Also what one of my Sunday school ditties said, “Pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again”. Accompanied by actions of crouching down and jumping up, dusting off and spinning around.

This was all I needed to remind me that there is always another opportunity to have a go.

For me whilst I draw breath it is never too late, this was to be written on the weekend, however it is here now.

Aesop’s Fable about the “Tortoise and the Hare”, proves that, how often could the tortoise have considered that it was to late to be a winner. Yet as he found out it was never to late. He won, just because he chose never to give up.

When have you ever considered dropping your bundle and giving up only to find that by keeping on you actually got there in the end.

Last weekend in Rugby Union in Hong Kong the clock had signaled  full time, however, the game is not over till the ball has gone dead and Australia scored to draw even with New Zealand only to then go on and convert the try.

As a player one could have decided when the game ended to just stop, but no, they kept on and achieved their goal. Purely because they would not accept that it was too late.

When did you last decide it was to late and now have no idea what the future might have looked like if you had not decided it was too late?

I don’t believe it is ever too late; whilst there is breath in my lungs. You too can share this tenacity.


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