Found naked!!

I suddenly found myself with a whole group of naked people. Exposed so those who were watching could see them as they truly were. Buck naked, such that I could see them “warts and all”. I was very uncomfortable as I was not at this time naked myself. Somehow, I still believed that I had something to hide. That it was not okay to be seen naked, exposed unclothed.

Where on earth could this incredible exposure occur, so as to not have us all thrown into jail for indecent exposure.

I was in a major book shop. I had gone in for a coffee and a browse.

I had recently had a session with my coach and was aware that there were a pile of events in my life that I had not seen as great moments, as significant events where I had commented about situations or circumstances and not realised the universality of the comment. I was challenged to observe my feelings, to listen to my words and observe how I chose to respond to life. In other words, to define my philosophy on life, that which has kept me present over my many years and to see how willing I was to share these experiences with others. As I looked at the books in Boarders, I could see that the writers were people who allowed their thoughts and awareness’s to be exposed to the general public.

They were people who were open to be seen by a wider audience. They were willing to be naked to be completely vulnerable.

Here were ladies who were quite willing to tell stories of their sexual escapades to the world. Men who were willing to tell about their darkest hour

People, who were willing to expose their total and complete inability to handle a situation, yet somehow did it and survived. Yes, not only survived but achieved.

People who were willing to tell about their inability to reach the goal that they had set for themselves, and in some cases never achieved that goal, however who were able to completely expose their failure to the world.

As I read the synopses of this variety of people, I became aware that whether they succeeded or failed in what they were doing, people appeared to enjoy reading about them. I was not the only one browsing the shelves, there were dozens of people.

Different ones of us gravitated to different styles of author. Some enjoyed the successes, some enjoyed the failures, some enjoyed how the writer made their success happen and others enjoyed seeing what the author did that brought about their failure.

This helped me realise that we as individuals all learn in different ways. For me I enjoy seeing that the things that I have done that did not work are similar to what others have done that did not work for them. For me it is good to know that people I look up to have also failed along the way.

In the same breath however, I also want to see what those who succeeded did. For this gives me an awareness of where I actually need to go to get to where I want to be.

This led me to a deeper awareness of what I appreciate in others.

  • I want to know what you have done that did not work for you.
  • I want to know what you were trying to do just prior to realising that it was not working for you.
  • I want to understand at what point you decided to call it quits and move on.
  • I want to understand your feelings at that point of time.
  • I have a need to understand where you moved to next.
  • What led you to this next point?
  • How easily did this transition take place?
  • Were you able to identify it or did you just find yourself in the new place?

For me, to better have answers to these awareness’s really does allow me to see that I am not a total failure but that others have struggled as I have struggled to find meaning and significance in where I was at any moment along my journey.

That I am not stupid, and in fact the way I do life is cool. It is just where I am at the moment.

Others who I look up to as role models also do life just the same way that I do it. They have felt confused and lost at times and that is okay. In fact they have had multiple attempts to make it work and not given in.

I am just like every other human being. I am not perfect. I am just working at doing my best and that is all that I have to offer, even though it may have ended in failure this time.

By acknowledging and owning my failure I open myself to having another go and I come to see that it is not the end result that matters but that I am totally involved in life with all its ups and downs.

The whole gamut of books that I looked at at Boarders validated my approach to life. Whether they be biographies, autobiographies, adventure stories, romantic novels, stories of sexual intrigue or even cartoons and comic books, there was the same lesson, life happens, how we choose to see that life is our choice.

We can judge it or we can learn from it.

As I saw this variety of stories, I could see my own journey. I could see how I was tempted to judge those who did not fit into my perception of how it should be, however, I was also challenged to see that in many ways they reflected back to me the content of my own life.

Suddenly I could see the value of my life and its journey. Not right or wrong, but just the way it had developed.

Then I realised that just as these stories had value for me, maybe my story may have value for others. It was not up to me to decide who would be interested in my story, anymore that those who I had perused wrote specifically for me.

I write, I put it out there, if anyone finds value that is a bonus.

What about your life. Could something you tell in your story have value for someone who reads it? You will never know, however, it is absolutely critical for the future of thought that you at least put your awareness’s of life out there. The story of how you have done life. So that others may have the benefit of your unique journey.

If you believe no one would be interested, you are wrong. I am interested, for your story may help me better understand my journey and thus make decisions that better help me find my potential and own and live my passion and I am only one of many.

Start today. Begin to observe yourself and then note that observation until those notes become your story for


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