Does management care or not?

I was at a networking function the other day and one of the people there lamented the fact that businesses were not at all interested in the plight of the individual worker, whether they were top line managers or the worker on the factory floor (so to speak).

The comment was that the management culture was focused on everyone toeing the line and fitting in. That there was no room in organizations for individual thinking or any creativity.

I begged to differ. The experience that I had of organizations was that there was always someone who arose who was willing to call management, (nicely), on a better way of running the company.

So many organizations I originally worked in then later on saw from the outside in, were able to be open to possibilities. They were able to hold the tension between maintaining the status quo “for the sake of security and comfort”, yet were still able to examine new options and give them a chance to have a life within the organization.

My awareness has been that it is not a company culture in general that is the real issue here, but rather the personality style of the CEO, or business owner.

If that person has insecurity issues then to admit that there is another way that may be better than their way is a major challenge to their leadership.

Whereas if they are of the participative style of leadership they are not threatened by other options but instead are thankful for them.

I suppose the question is. What is your leadership style?

Do you actually know and understand why you make the decisions you make?

What is your motivating drive?

Have you ever been able to stand back and observe your decision making process in action?

It was a rude awakening for me when I first stood back and observed mine in action. I was in complete denial. However, it was an uncontested situation for I could see for myself what was happening and it was not pretty.

If you are in this situation then the choice is to continue the farce or to put your hand up to ask for help. That is what I am here for.

Raise your hand and I will offer you a lifebuoy. It is never to late for a new beginning. Life and business are very forgiving, as long as there truly is a new beginning.


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