How to be a better leader!

Do you really know what is going on in every part of your business?

If you do, congratulations. I would love to talk with you to glean all that you do to ensure that this happens. It’s a rare exception.

For the rest of us. What are the things that we can do to improve our leadership skills.

Do you really know what is going on in your business? How long is it since you asked one of the factory floor/front counter people if there was anything they could see being needed to change so they could do their job better?

Wait!! and you said thank you, no matter what they offered and took that information home and sat with it possibly even with your R & D (Research & Development) people.

Have you asked your secretary how she would like to restructure what is happening in your office to make it more efficient or user friendly.

I mean you can even extend this to asking your partner, kids if there was any way that you could do those relationships better. Again they need to know it is asked in the most non threatening way.

You won’t get the best information back if there is a perception that honesty will get them fired, divorced, incur your anger or frustration. This has to be asked in a spirit of true openness.

If they told you how they could see improvements being made, are you open to these suggestions? My observation is that we tend to turn a blind eye to that information which contradicts our present way of doing things.

I would suggest that even though this is only the beginning; it is a good place to start.  Just doing this alone could be the beginning of a brand new relationship with the people who work for you, or are part of your family.

I found for me that when I actually listened and heard what the other person was actually attempting to say, and considered it rather than disagreeing with it; that I entered into a different level of relationship that up till then I had not experienced.

It was as though cataracts had been removed from my eyes for the first time and I could see things from a completely different perspective.

Have you programmed your operation yet to allow you to see things from a different perspective.

The moment you do you have taken the first step towards being a better leader. Congratulations!



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