It is interesting to me that one of the things that makes me a good coach is that I have experienced most aspects of life and can look honestly at those experiences.

Also, I am totally open to being vulnerable. I don’t have all the future answers, however, I am at the cutting edge, searching for what may be possible, willing to not know until a possibility arises.

I worked well with people with depression as I, definitely have and still do, experience the frustration of total uncertainty. One can choose to do depression from there or choose to work out where to go next.

I have been in business where the backside definitely fell out. Yet somehow it was not the end of the world. There was a resolve. Bankruptcy eventuated, yet the person I was in partnership with, who lost everything, including his parents house, has reinvented himself and I still am continuing on some having had a multitude of journeys since.

The despair was only the feeling of the moment, the uncertainty of the future, the desire to stop because I didn’t have all the answers, any answers!!. However, the day after the first aspect of the problem I was still alive, suddenly there was a future.

There was life after death. Maybe the mythologists, the religious people were right. The old died, and had to, however, there was a new option that took its place.

In my own business I have just been revisiting that I was once again at that point of despair. Everything seemed to be doubtful, uncertain, I no longer had all the answers for me. For a few moments I decided the life was no longer living.

However, it was only for a few moments. The moment I could step back and get a new perspective on things, I was able to see that they were only temporary. That there was a way out.

To me that is what leadership is!

No arrogance. Claiming to know where to now. To me, to admit the uncertainty and be willing to sit in the silence, in the not knowing, is the essence is leadership.

I would suggest that people will follow more powerfully if they are able to see the pain that the leader is willing to go through to work out the best path for all to travel to move forward.

Nike summarised it in “No Pain, No Gain,” without the soul searching that can be defined as despair, there can be no growth.

Enjoy the void, the emptiness, it leads to “where to next”.


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