Intriguing!! What’s going on with many Leaders?

As I observe the world perception of Leadership, I scratch my head.

Leadership appears to be perceived as, “I tell you what you ought to do”.

The response expected from people appears to be “yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir”.

I mentioned in my last post about the different levels of leadership as seen by Spiral Dynamics.

Over the last few days,my observation has been that from the political emphasis of our society, to the pharmaceutical/medical perception of society and on to the legal perception of society, leadership is either  “do it or else, for my words are law” . Or  “the system has this answer and we all agree with the system, because the system is right”.

These are Red and Blue tier is Spiral Dynamics click here to read more.

There does not see to yet be a majority perception that says “lets look at what has been suggested and see how we can learn and grow from what we are now experiencing.”

This awareness is where leadership is heading, it is the yellow tier in Spiral Dynamics. Yes, I have jumped a couple of levels in that system, however, I can see that this level is the one that is able to observe what is happening and be open to seeing all sides of the awareness. It seems a great place to aspire to as leaders.

This is the perception that does not see black or white. Rather it is able to see the nuances of what is in between, the greys.

It is no longer interested in exclusive definitions. Rather it is focused on inclusive understanding.

What are you actually attempting to communicate to me? Is the question.

The desire to be in a place where I totally get what you are telling me.

I am intrigued that people are so focused on achieving their agenda that they are not open to what the other person is really attempting to say.

Isn’t the listeners role to actually listen?

If this is so, how come we so easily move to interpreting what is being said from our own perspective? Surely we have now moved from hearing what others are saying, to hearing what we want to be heard.

To me Leadership is less in telling others how it is, and more on listening to how others perceive how it is. David Rock on the cover of his book “Quiet Leadership” says, “Help People Think Better–Don’t tell Them What to Do.”

As a Leader, how open am I, are you, in actually hearing what our staff are wanting to say to us.

In the 1990’s there was an awareness of what became called MBWA process. Which meant “Management By Walking About.”

That is, listening to what the staff are attempting to tell me about how I can improve on how I run my business.

The main issue is whether I, as the Leader, am open to these thoughts and awareness’s.

My intrigue is that so many times I find that the leader is caught up in their agenda, rather that the good of the team, the group, the organisation.

Question? What is going on? How open am I to getting to the bottom of the issue? Am I seriously involved in being open to the possibilities?

Leadership would do well to go back to the basics. Assess what its role is intended to be. Then reapply itself to future growth.

What is going on?  Either we are focused on growth and moving forward or we are caught up in maintaining the status quo, for no other reason than it is the status quo. Not a Leadership role.

The challenge to us all is to step outside our comfort zone and truly become Leaders who are seeking to make a difference, open to all possibilities and options.


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