As a Leader, are you on a Journey of Growth

As a culture are we total happy with where we are at this moment?

As Leaders: is the workplace, the community, the state, the country, the world working at its best? Or could it actually do things better?

Is where we are now perfect? Never ever to need reconsideration? Or is that just wishful thinking?

I keep hearing that the world is in trouble, and that we need Leaders who will lead us out of here. To a better place.

Through his research Claire Graves identified that discrete patterns of thinking, (psychological systems), emerge as our brains re – calibrate themselves, through a bio-chemical process, to meet the new needs brought about by changing life conditions.

To put that simply. We develop new ways to deal with new situations.

The challenge with this is that so many Leaders deny that the new situations exist. So no new ways are developed.

This creates new issues as the “New Situations” continue to present.

If one attempts to hold back the progress of time, sooner or later time will catch up with them and override them, swamping them and proving them wrong.

To really be a true Leader, there is a need to be constantly facing up to the question, “Is there a better way?” “Are we doing the best possible we can be doing at this moment?”

This is what being a true leader is. Always listening to the comments from all within the system we may be in, constantly asking the question, what is this question about? What can I learn from this question? how can we grow from what is being asked?

Leadership implies openness. On an expedition does the Leader really know where they are at any moment and do they really know where they are going? They have an ideal goal.

They have a perceived direction. But the question is that when a fork in the road appears, is the Leader aware of the challenge and are they ready to make a choice? How quickly can they reassess the goals they have set and set new ones to cater for the new awareness. Are they open to conversation and another way of thinking?

If there is no openness, no willingness to reconsider and make new choices, then probably the person is a manager. Whose role has a possible definition of maintaining the status quo. Managers tend to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

True Leaders work at building a new and better system that is not limited, but rather open to a variety of possibilities. That will not choose to do fear or blame. That will rather say, “Interesting Evolutionary Experience, so where to from here?”

Constantly open to searching, no matter what. Looking for the opportunities to grow and take their organisation, their group, their team, onto a new tomorrow.With new awareness’s, new challenges, new possibilities, ready to do the whole process over and over again.

So many of the models of Leadership that we are taught were great when they were penned. However, we need to be prepared for a more open, flamboyant, searching style of Leadership that does not know the answers, but is willing to get out there, get their hands dirty in the search for “Where too from here?”

Is your Leadership style moving you and your organisation forward, or is it holding you back?

It is the organisation that has the most flexible, open style of Leadership that will flourish in the years to come. The other style will lead their organisations to become dinosaurs.

We constantly hear that the only constant in life is change. True Leaders are open to that change, willing to consider, to ask why not, rather than why.

If you really wish for your organisation to flourish in the coming years, then the proactive, open, listening, querying way is the answer. Anything else leads to complaining and a swift demise.

Sometimes it is hard to assess where we are. There is a need for an objective outsider to ask us the right questions, to challenge us, to question what we are really attempting to do. That is what Leadership Coaching is all about.

Just how prepared or open are we to creating the new possibility. If the answer is yes we are, then you are a Leader: for the rest it is back to the drawing board, to be reprogrammed. To reconsider just what the changing conditions of life are and whether we can do something to workout how would be the best way to meet them?


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