Leadership is a Spiritual Experience

At the risk of seeming as though I had caught Religion. I would like to suggest that many ideal Leaders I am aware of from material I have read are people like Jesus, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, Victor Frankl, Martin Luther King Jnr,

All people who have been able to come to terms with who they truly are. The BS aspect of their lives has been put aside. They are totally honest about who they are, what you see is what you get. There are no games played, they are totally transparent. No agendas.

This attribute is spiritual, it is to do with ones essence. The very fiber of a persons being.

When one is willing to be totally open and vulnerable, all pretense, out of the way, then the ground work has been laid to get incredible movement i whatever organisation on is in.

There is a downside to this as there are a large number of people within organisations who have a vested interest. Their cards are held close to their chest rather than laid openly on the table. One never knows what is going on in this groups head. They are a closed book, rather than an open book. They have too much to lose by being open and vulnerable.

Forgetting about this group, who will hold growth back due to hidden agenda, let us move onward with those who are open to finding the best solution, no matter what.

There are many of them, however, they are sometimes conspicuous by their apparent absence. Apparently absent because the ones who make the biggest noise are up front.

There is a quote that says, “Self praise is no recommendation”, yet we are massively influenced by those who make the loudest noise, who demand our attention, who proclaim loudly that they are the answer to our concerns.

The onslaught is so loud that it drowns out or ability to think for ourselves, it is so well languaged, in NLP terms, that it is extremely hard to refute. Yet if we can get away from the pressure and ask ourselves about the innocence of the comments we may see that the BS meter is running at 100%.

Truly spiritual leaders are those who have no agenda, no registration on the BS meter.  They are those who truly have the well being and good of others as their highest ideal.

To me, the only way to do this is to be able to cut through our own BS. To stop fooling ourselves that our ego drive is in other peoples best interest.

When I can genuinely care for someone else by being 100% committed to listening to them and seriously hearing what they are saying. Then assist them to work out what they truly would see as best for themselves. Then I have become a spiritually focused person, truly seeking the good, not caught up in agendas.

The Jesus’s, the Buddha’s, the Nelson Mandela’s, stayed focused on what was truly best for all. The love that issued forth so that there was no judgement, no agendas, only acceptance, allowed them to be open to the best possible answer available.

A true Leader is in exactly the same position, There is no agenda, the good of the organisation, whilst balanced with the good of all those who have an interest in the organisation, is their highest value, this is found by listening, being open, meditating to step outside of ones own agendas.

I heard of a study where the difference in leadership was denoted by the depth of interaction that occurred between all the players. The 1990’s MBWA process. (Management by Walking About). Talking to all the key stakeholders, eliciting their perception, hearing what they thought and felt, and then taking action that represented that variety of input.

The more comfortable one is with oneself. The more open one can be to getting feedback about how they have been received. The more willing one is to listening to other peoples perceptions about what is going on. Then the more one is truly in touch with ones inner peace.

This is what being spiritual as a Leader is.


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