Traits of a great Leader. Number 2. Passion.

Following on from last weeks post on the first trait of a great Leader. Today’s trait is passion.

All great leaders show an incredible belief,  a drive that is overpowering. Their motivation is unstoppable. They eat sleep and breath their major focus. They are passionate.

There is an awareness that “there is no way the world could exist without this”.

Passion does not emanate from left hemisphere thinking, it is not logical, analytical, structured or controlled. Rather it has a high emotional drive associated with it.

This kind of drive defies logic. The logical mind has a great deal of challenge dealing with anything that is passionate. We ask, “how can someone be so driven that they would override standard rules”? “Why would someone work 18 hours a day on some silly project”? How come someone would be willing to keep changing the way things are done in the search for their dream”?

Passion drives us on when we have reached the point of giving up on a project, yet somehow still keep working on it with a renewed vigor.

Passion has us continue to work through the challenges of a project when, no matter how many hurdles we have jumped, we are always ready and enthusiastic to jump the next one and the next one, knowing that sooner or later we will reach our goal. We will achieve.

The journey to achieve the impossible has been inspired by passion. Interestingly enough, if the passion is great enough, somehow, the impossible becomes attainable.

Without passion there is a temptation to give up so much sooner. Somehow, the limitations are accepted much easier if there is no passion in the mix.

The passion to achieve an Olympic medal can drive an athlete to achieve above and beyond the realm of usual achievement.

You are a Leader. How passionate are you? Do you inspire both yourself and those you lead to look within and achieve above and beyond the standard response?

Do you inspire those you lead to look deep within themselves and find that extra that they were unaware was there?

The beauty of this is that when trait two, passion, is linked with trait one, humility, we can see that the great leader is so totally focused on task at hand that there is no ego drive involved, the total energy focus is on empowerment, not on self aggrandizement.

Passion powerfully focused nurtures others, it encourages others, it excites others, the dream is caught, owned and acted upon.

Passion is contagious.

How passionate are you about the tasks you are involved in. If not, as Zig Ziglar said, “Maybe you need a check up from the neck up”. Maybe you need a coach who will work with you to assist you to find and name you passion?

Drop me an email.


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  1. fantastic work. i love it. keep it up. i’ll follow your blog.

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