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Powerful people pushing limited agendas

The quote below came from the Alliance for Health Freedom Australia relating to the Sydney Morning Herald article I drew attention too in a facebook page.
This is a suspect example of leadership where people will use power to limit other peoples interests. If those people do not want these services that is okay, however I believe that true leaders would allow individuals to come to their own conclusions rather than attempt a big brother style, especially with other vested interests involved.
Here is the article.There has been a recent push in Australia to peel back the initiatives made with regards to Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). This push is coming from a group called the Australian Sceptics. Some of these Sceptics have links to pharmaceutical and drug company interests. One of the more prominent members of the Sceptics is Dick Smith. Professor John Dwyer is affiliated with them also. The Sceptics have a modus operandi – they manage to have a media release in a major paper like the Sydney Morning Herald pushing their point of view, followed by or in parallel with a letter writing campaign by individual Sceptics aimed at politicians or government organisations such as the Australia Consumer Complaint Tribunal (ACCC), Health Care Complaints Commission or the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The Sceptics are very adapt at manipulating opinion in a way that makes organisations or governments think the general public are more involved than what they in fact are.The most recent initiative by the Australian Sceptics is to try to close down all university courses in Australia with regards to CAM. This includes Chinese medicine and Naturopathy. They are also trying to close down the Chiropractic courses. This push by the Sceptics is also aimed at undermining the new hospital being built in Chatswood, of which the University of Western Sydney will be a research partner. This hospital will incorporate western orthodox medicinealong with Chinese medicine as it is utalised in China. This is a wonderful service for the public but unfortunately the Sceptics and their pharmaceutical industry ties do not want to see this happen.Please read the article below and become familiar with this issue. You can also add your vote to the poll at the bottom of the article.


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Scientists urge unis to axe alternative medicine courses

Mindset of Leaders

I have been reading a book by Carol S. Dweck called “mindset: the new psychology of success.

Dweck differentiates between two types of mindset. 1. Fixed mindset and 2. Growth mindset.

Initially she suggests that depending on our early influences, birth, family, educators.

From a leadership point of view, I am intrigued that both of these group have within them people who have become identified as leaders. Yet the leadership that is given can differ quite dramatically.

One leader can believe that things all have a place and ought to be in their place. Many of these leaders are influenced majorly by fundamental belief systems that proclaim this is the way things are intended to be. This is the fixed mindset leader.

Their leadership is fairly dogmatic, though it could be very benevolent and caring. However, there is no room left for questioning or offering a different option.

Another can be a the growth mindset leader who is aware that today failures pave the way to tomorrows successes. There is an openness to new possibilities. This form of leadership is always open to doing things better.

Which of these is correct?

A fixed mindset leader I would be going all out to prove to you that I was correct, the growth mindset leader, in their wisdom, would not attempt to change a fixed mindset person. It appears unfortunately the there is a, “No correspondence will be entered into”, policy. The jury for the fixed mindset leader is not “Still out,” but rather has passed their verdict and gone home.

A growth mindset leader is one who does not believe they have all the answers and as such will be open to consider options, there is no need to prove they have all the answers as they don’t believe they have. The belief is that development can occur, growth is possible, new awareness’s and ideas will manifest.

There is a massive optimism for the growth mindset leader. There is always a better way and we will search for it.

The fixed mindset leader is a very limiting place to be as there is no room for change, growth, development and new ideas. it is a very negative place to be as in essence there is no chance of anything different occurring.

Personally, today’s climate in business, politics, relationships, religious faith would be a better place if the focus of our leaders was on what could be, on growth and development.

As I continue to listen to the political debate in Australia, the UK, Europe, New Guinea, the USA, throughout the world; as I listen to the religious debate similarly throughout the world, I hear so much fixed mindset leadership, all fighting to preserve the status quo.

My prayer is that people as a whole will search for growth mindset leaders. leaders who will listen, question, ask why this way, could it be that way? Open to rethinking ways to do all that we do, so that it is more relevant, more efficient, more humane, more in touch with truth, honesty and integrity.

We are getting better and more of these leaders are materialising, however, the more of us who get on board, the soon it will reach a tipping point.

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