Leadership according to Steve Jobs

To start with this is not a summary or a synopsis of Steve Jobs life and works. It is another of my ramblings, kick started by stuff that I have read in the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

You may or may not have seen my Facebook or Twitter posts on my perception of Steve’s approach to Leadership and achievement. If not, a summary of what I said is that when one has a vision, one has to be courageous enough to go out on a limb to proclaim that vision, not giving a stuff about what others think about it.

The visionaries of this world, the gurus of this world, the dreamers of this world who had enough belief in what they possessed that they were willing to put their future on the line, were the ones n general that were recognised. The Edison’s, the Faraday’s, the Freud’s the Columbus’s and so on.

To be willing to be seen as arrogant. To be open to criticism for not fitting into the status quo. To be willing to sacrifice popularity for the sake of achieving the dream. To be willing to head out with absolutely no proof that you were going to achieve, purely because  you knew deep inside that that was the direction you needed to go.

I am only half way through the book, so there may be things I am not yet aware of, however I have become aware of some great options from what I have read.

What are they?

Number one. Be possessed by your vision that you have a burning desire to follow it.

Number two. don’t ever entertain that it can be done differently.

Number three. Take on board your team those who can capture the dream that you promote.

Number four. In the face of adversity search for the people who still believe in your vision.

Number 4. There is always a better way. No matter how well you define your way, someone else can improve on it.

Number 5. Don’t allow the negative/conservative people to steal your vision.

Number 6. Do it anyway.

Edward de Bono did some work 9n the 1980’s and wrote a book on: The Six Thinking Hats this is a way to still hold strongly onto the dream/vision, yet at the same time do what Jobs did not do.

Jobs was brilliant with new ideas, not very good at listening to other ideas, some of which were “Black hat” ideas. Reason’s why it might not work. These people should not control the ideas, however, they should be available for involvement in the assessment process. It could have helped him achieve more easily. Who knows?

How willing are you to step up to the plate and own totally your dreams, vision and beliefs. Then follow through, no matter what others may think.

That is Leadership.

I have had the privilege to have worked for two persons who had that single mindedness of purpose. They did what others said could not be done. They followed  their visions, beliefs and dreams. They were the epitome of Steve Jobs, willing to be different, and were. One has since died and his presence lives on, the other is still continuing to break new ground.

Are you? At Austin Parry: “Your Journey to Extra-ordinary Business Results”, we work with you to achieve that position, where you are able to stand out and become who you believe you can be.

Thanks Steve, thanks to Noel, thanks to Greg. Thanks to those others who would not believe that it was not possible and did it anyway.

The future is created by those who can not conceive that it could not happen, so continue to move forward.


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