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What is Real Leadership for You?

Recently I have been involved with different people who all seemed to have their own ide as to what being a Leader was all about.

One seemed to feel it was getting everyone to follow, without question, the directions that they were giving as to how things ought to be done.

It was also interesting to observe those who were being given these directions. There we a great vacuum in the area of passion, nobody seemed to be motivated, at all, to respond to the directions, they did, however, it was with a cool detachment, even a sort of passive resistance response.

Another was extremely open with what they expected, a very vague communication of requirements. ‘Just do what you feel is best to achieve so and so’, was the directive.

Interesting to observe that in this case there was still a great deal of frustration and questionable energy. People were in a real state of loss and confusion about what was really being expected of them. Total uncertainty, total lack of productivity, what got achieved was more good luck than good management.

Are these two your model or have you another possibility in your stable as to what good leadership is all about.


I will awair comments as to your perception of good leadership and come back with other thoughts soon.

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