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April Fool’s Leadership

Saw a few questionable April Fool’s activities mentioned over the last few days.

It always makes me wonder why people will go out of their way to make a fool out of someone else when they spend so much time working at covering up how they have been or are being a fool in their business, in their life, in general.

 From a Leadership perspective, we are fools when we do not have awareness of where we are and where we want to go.

The real leaders spends time working on clarifying their meaning and purpose.

What are the values that drive you? How well have you clarified them.

The story of you being at a Leadership Award Night in ten years time, receiving an award for your exceptional achievement as a Leader over the previous ten years.

You are required to make an acceptance speech on what has been your achievements, the initiatives you have taken, the results you have achieved.

The drivers in your life, that is, how you clarified where you wanted to get to in your business and your life. What you used to measure success.

The values that drove you. What you aspired to in your day by day activities.

Some simple values might be honesty, openness, fun, and so on.

What are your values, what do you aspire to? What gives your life meaning and purpose?

You may be considered a fool if you have no awareness of what drives you. For you could be driven in a multitude of directions, none officially of your choice, you never know where your business, your life may end up if you don’t have your own drivers.

How seriously have you clarified what you wish to see as the outcome for your business, your life?

You need to. Lets catch up to see how we can clarify where you are now and where you are going. Before you end up where you don’t want to go.



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